IWISS IWS-1424A Open Barrel Terminal Crimper Plier Tool for Molex Style DELPHI AMP TYCO Deutsch Terminals Crimper Open Barrel 24-14 AWG



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  • Fits AWG 24-14 Gauge. Crimps 24-14 gauge OEM type (open barrel) automotive terminals.
  • Open Barrel Terminal Crimper. Designed to crimp the core and insulation wings in a separate motion. Thin profile allows access to hard to reach areas. Steel construction with comfortable cushioned grips.
  • The open barrel crimp tool is designed to crimp non-insulated, open barrel terminals, also known as OEM terminals. It has five crimp stations that roll the open barrel terminal tabs over the wire and insulation, crimping them to the terminal.For # 990170 economy style electrical terminal hand crimper. Universal “U” Barrel Crimp Tool is perfect for 20 to 14-gauge wire used with AMP, Deutsch, Delphi or any other stamped terminal.
  • F crimping nests make rollover crimps on both stranding (electrical crimp) and insulation (strain relief). Double-hinge mechanism that keeps the jaws parallel for a straight crimping engagement.
  • Working with TE/Tyco/AMP Junior Power Timer Contacts (JPT), sealed and unsealed, also with DEUTSCH Stamped Contacts Series DT and DTM. An aid tool when servicing any motorcycle.