Deutsch DT Connector Kit in 2,3,4,6,8,12 Pin Configurations, Size 16 Stamped Contacts, 94PCS



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  • Applications: Deutsch DT series environmentally sealed connectors are the best choice for transportation and racing industry. The Deutsch DT connector is commonly used with Harley Davidson, NASCAR, and many other performance racing outfitters. 
  • Configurations: Available in 2,3,4,6,8 and 12 pin configurations. Ideal for OEM pigtails.
  • Secure Connection: Wedge locks for plug and receptables serve a secondary lock for the contacts/terminals as well as acting as a retainer for the ribbed seal at the nose of the connector body.Wedgelocks are required components for all DT housings.
  • Size 16 S&F Contacts: Designed for use where wire termination costs are of primary concern without sacrificing reliability of electrical circuits. The stamped and formed contact series is made on a precision stamping machine using flat strip stock, then a durable and corrosion proof nickel plating is applied.
  • Recommended Crimp Tool: It’s recommended to crimp with IWS-1424AN Deutsch Stamped & Formed Contact Crimp Tool, creating “O” shape crimps on wire insulation.