IWISS HD-2612D Deutsch Crimper for DT, DTM, DTP Connectors(12-26AWG), Equivalent to HDT-48-00



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  • The precision ratchet controls cycling of the tool in both directions of handle movement. This assures the same accurate crimp every time. It’s like having a quality control inspector at every work station.
  • Positive crimp depth is controlled by an 8 position selector knob conveniently located on the tool frame. The operator simply dials the desired step for the wire being used. This setting can be secured by use of a locking pin or safety wire.
  • The carefully engineered design achieves the absolute maximum mechanical advantage and the tool’s light weight helps minimize operator fatigue.
  • Eight indent crimp tool ideal for Deutsch solid contacts as well as Harting heavy duty connectors.
  • This crimp tool compatible for Deutsch DT, DTM, DTP and DTHD series as well as many other Deutsch industrial connector families.This Crimper is for use with solid contacts and will not work with stamped contacts, virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of 12 through 26 AWG.