IWISS IWS-1442L Micro Connector Crimper Plier for Crimping 30AWG to 14AWG Open-barrel and Connectors from Molex, TE AMP, JST, for RC Car, 3D Printer, FPV Drone



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  • *Ratcheting Mechanism* High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps.
  • *Superior Crimps* Safe crimp connections due to optimal lever transmission with releasable forced lock.
  • *Labor Saving* Good ergonomics and low weight of the pliers for low-fatique operation. Ergonomically designed two-component handles.
  • *Versatility* 15 various-sized dies make this product suitable for a wide range of terminal sizes, from small to large.
  • *Crimp Range* Capable of crimping wires from 30AWG to 14AWG, 0.05sq mm to 2sq mm.