IWISS Uponor Rehau System PEX Pipes Tube Expander with SL System 16/20/25/32mm expansion head


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The IWISS PE-1632 Europe standard Pex Pipe Expander Tool Kit is use for expanding Pex pipes by water and radiator Connection.

This full kits brings you the ability to expand  16,20,25,32mm  PEX Pipes.


  • Light-weight aluminium alloy construction
  • The expansion head is made of Stainless Steel.
  • 4 Expansion head
  • Comes in a convenient carrying case to hold expander tool and heads.
  • matched uponor and Milwaukee Tools
  • ★The cone type Epansion head bring a smooth expansion-result, avoiding the damage to pipes.★



  1. According to the the size of the pipe you want to expand choose accurate expansion head and install on the expander to expand.
  2. Insert the pipe fitting into the expansion completed pipe,the pipe will shrink back to it's shape around the fitting.
  3. Press a ring over the pipe ensure a tight connection.